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Are you looking for the opportunity to build a business doing something you love while making a difference in your community? If so, be+B franchise is for you! Imagine owning a business with a proven model operating in a setting where the things you're passionate about – fashion, shopping and style - are on display everyday.


Our Growth

Since the early 2010's, our business model has become much more sophisticated but we do not stop there. We continually build our brands by investing in researches, buying samples and consumer-level advertising campaigns.


Why Us

Our franchise can reward you with the benefit you deserve, enabling you to leverage what you’ve accomplished and learned. With our recognized brands, resources and business model to make your goals, owning your own boutique, a reality. You will appreciate the fact we support our franchisees in the same manner we treat our valued customers.

We created an exciting retail fashion and accessories franchise concept. We travel to markets all over the world and do our own product research and development. We have proven business model and increased media presence has made starting a successful business a very rewarding experience for our franchise owners. We have learned what works and what doesn't. This valuable experience has been assembled into a dynamic franchise opportunity for enterprising individuals like you.

We search the world for vendors that are passionate about what they do and offer unique products made with quality fabrics, and our buying power allows us to offer affordable prices while maintaining favourable margins for our franchisees.


Our Success

Our brands have been building momentum for over 28 years in the fashion industry. Because we have a strong infrastructure and business model, it has given us the necessary staying power to be successful in the marketplace.


Our story is still being written, and we look forward to what lies ahead in this journey of passion.


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How We Do Business

Our Model

We want to create value through beautiful, ethical, quality products with a complete cycle of life. We act precisely and responsibly in every stage of the fashion process from design and sourcing, to manufacturing and quality control, logistics and sales through stores and online.


  1. Customers

Our four brands share the same main objective: responding to the needs of our customers.

We place the customer at the very centre of our business model. Knowing and delivering exactly what our customers want demands meticulous organisation, close attention to detail, and industry-leading technological innovation in every part of our value chain.

Whether we are designing, manufacturing, or distributing our products, we are always looking at how our operations can improve customer service and the quality of the customer experience – while honouring the commitments to sustainability that our customers expect from us. Listening to feedback, analysing real-time sales data, making short production runs, and investing in state-of-the art logistics allows us to pinpoint and meet customer needs, refreshing our stores with new designs every month.


Customer-focused innovations

Agility and precision behind the scene is only part of the story. How we respond to customer needs face-to-face and online is just as important. Every morning in every store, our teams discuss how they can serve customers better and they take part in comprehensive training programmes centred on enhancing customer relations.

The implementation of the latest POS system, that has been internally developed by our teams, allows staff to help customers find items instantly in-store, nearby or online.


  1. Stores

Our stores and online platforms are the beating heart of our business, working seamlessly together as integrated commerce platforms.

All our stores are situated in high-profile commercial areas, including shopping malls. We invest in creating beautiful spaces that bring out the best of architectural form and function, with open lines and warm, welcoming interiors. With the finest window display and lighting at their disposal, our talented creative and visual display teams take great care to express the personality of our brands and let the fashion speak for itself. In this integrated model of stores and online, displays are regularly updated and layouts are meticulously recreated, ensuring brand continuity no matter the location.


Stores are where our relationship with customers is forged.

Everyday face-to-face interaction between our customers and store staff is all-important for our fashion decisions, helping us understand customer needs. The store is also central to our business. Almost three in four of our employees work in stores. Most of our employees in head offices have had considerable in-store experience. All staff receive in-store training regardless of their role.


  1. Design

Our highly talented designers translate the desires of our customers into the fashion in our stores.

This demands more than just raw creativity. It also requires accuracy, attention to detail, analysis, instinct, insight and simple human empathy – because our designers have to know and understand our customers inside out. To do so effectively they must sense changing trends and listen to daily feedback from our stores and sales teams.

With new styles arriving in stores once a month, our designers must show extraordinary flair and ingenuity. It usually takes 2 months from drawing board to store.


  1. Sourcing

Our sourcing of products and raw materials follows the most stringent social, environmental, and health and safety standards.

We work with suppliers across Asia countries to source most of our products, mainly from China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. This is a complex process, but we follow a clear principle: always source responsibly and sustainably.

We are continually seeking to find the most environmentally responsible and sustainable ways to source raw materials, and to apply cleaner, more efficient means to turn these raw materials into the garments our customers want.

For instance, we are committed to supporting more sustainable cotton production and our wood-based fibres never come from primary or high ecologically relevant forests. We are also closing the loop to create a life cycle for our products in which resources are used efficiently and nothing goes to waste, moving towards a circular economic model.


  1. Products

By always looking to improve the precision and efficiency of our production model, we can offer a huge variety of tough quality fashion articles.

This proximity of operations along with smooth waves and our own long experience as a manufacturer – which is how we started out in fashion – gives us the flexibility to offer our customers a huge range of items and meet their changing needs. Wherever our products are made, we want to make sure that items are healthy, safe, and eco-efficient.


  1. Logistics

We refresh our collections in all our stores once a month.

Our stores serve the needs of our customers, and our logistics centres serve the needs of our stores.

We refresh our physical and online store collections once a month and can deliver orders to stores anywhere in Malaysia within 48 hours, and often sooner.

A system this flexible and responsive must be highly efficient – and it is no coincidence that our ceaseless search for greater efficiency ties in perfectly with our all-encompassing commitment to sustainability.